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Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

The US Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) does the legwork for you, so anytime you see this nonprofit's logo, rest assured you are viewing quality eco-friendly wood flooring.

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All About Eco-Friendly Wood Floors


Now that you're an empty nester, you're ready to tap into your savings to tackle a few key updates to your home, including new flooring. You're especially interested in eco-friendly wood flooring since it’s not only better for the planet but also better for your long-term health. But where do you even start? 


First, let's understand what "eco-friendly flooring" even means. To you, it's probably all about reducing your footprint, using less, and avoiding harmful chemicals. But there are a few other related factors, like whether the wood is sustainably sourced and how long it takes to regenerate. The US Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) does all the legwork for you, investigating the products and how they're made. Only when a product meets its strict standards does it earn the FSC-certified stamp of approval. So anytime you see this nonprofit's logo, you can rest assured knowing it's a quality eco-friendly floor. 


You can also rely on your local Flooring America expert to explain, clarify, and even locate eco-friendly wood floors that meet the specific needs of your family


Sustainable Flooring Options


Have your pick from three types of sustainable flooring: 




Looking for a beautifully light brown oak or a golden-hued birch to brighten up your cozy living room? Or how about a mocha-colored walnut to add drama to your traditionally-designed office? With the help of the FSC-certified logo and even eco-friendly stains, you can easily find eco-friendly wood flooring that will stun houseguests without damaging the planet


If you're intrigued by the scratch resistance of bamboo, you'll be glad to hear thatthe naturally blond bamboo flooring can be painted or stained to complement your home's style. And the same with cork flooring, which can absorb dyes and stains to adapt to the look and feel you want from your new eco-friendly flooring. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Eco-Friendly Flooring Options


Finding yourself stuck between one sustainable flooring option and another? A breakdown of eco-friendly flooring pros and cons may help you make a decision. 

Each of the sustainable flooring options has the benefit of helping the environment, but there are other considerations, too. 


Durability of Green Wood Flooring


Solid hardwood floors of all varieties age beautifully after decades of traffic and wear in your home. But the hardwood species you ultimately choose will play a big part in just how durable your new eco-friendly floors are. Maple, hickory, ash, and white oak are your densest and therefore most durable eco-friendly flooring options.


If you've got a pet-friendly home where scratching is a concern, bamboo flooring may be the eco-friendly flooring option for you. It's denser than most commercially available hardwoods and is really difficult to scratch. That means it's the perfect choice if you have an erratic dog or cat who never misses the opportunity to zoom around the house!


How to Maintain Eco-Friendly Wood Floors


Keeping your sustainable flooring in good shape is the least you can do after all the research and work you put into picking them out! Luckily, the work to maintain them is pretty straightforward. Eco-friendly wood floors need regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove accumulated dirt and debris. Cork and bamboo have the same cleaning requirements, too. No matter which eco-friendly flooring material you end up with, always follow the manufacturer's instructions to get the best clean and overall life. 


Lifespan and Installation


You're interested in eco-friendly wood flooring but before you take the plunge, you want to know what to expect. More specifically, how long until you'll need to shop for new floors again? It depends on the type of eco-friendly flooring you went with. The good news is that solid hardwood flooring of any kind lasts an incredibly long time—think lifetimes! At least they can under the right conditions. Other sustainable flooring options like cork and bamboo don't last quite as long, but they still give you years of service before they need replacing. 


One of the key factors that determine just how long your green flooring will last is installation. If a sustainable floor isn't installed correctly, it can take years off its life and lead to issues like warping or buckling. Opting for an experienced installer is the best decision you can make to set your floors up for long-term success. You'll not only get gorgeous new floors in no time, but you can rest assured the warranty is still intact.


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