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Pets...while they may be cute, friendly (sometimes), and the center of our lives, they can be a nightmare for most floors. That’s why at My Dad’s Flooring, we offer a variety of pet-friendly flooring that both looks good, and can handle whatever your furry friend(s) throw at it.

Below are a few types of pet-friendly floors we offer, the features you should look for, flooring to avoid, and additional resources to ensure both you and your pets are happy.

Types of Pet-Friendly Floors:

As a pet lover, you understand that it pays to think about your pets before purchasing new flooring. With help from our flooring experts (who are also pet owners & lovers), we’ll make sure you select the right floor and make a wise investment.

  • Pet-Friendly Flooring Products

    • Adura® Max Luxury Vinyl Flooring

      This flooring is thicker and more rigid than ordinary vinyl. It is scratch-resistant and is backed with stress-free limited, lifetime residential and 10-year light commercial warranties against wear through, staining, fading, delamination, and joint separation. The result is a beautiful, durable, quiet, and comfortable floor that can be enjoyed right away.

      Learn more about Adura® Max Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    • COREtec® Plus

      COREtec® Plus’ patented technology provides layers of protection for your floor that protect against wear, stains, and is waterproof. All of this while looking great and being very easy to clean.

      Learn more about COREtec’s patented technology.

    • Tigressá H2O Carpet Flooring

      Tigressá® is a soft, but strong carpet. It’s waterproof and both kid and pet-proof (not sure which makes the bigger mess). It is available in a wide range of fashionable colors and styles, so it’s easy to find the right look for your home.

      Learn more about this pet-friendly carpet from Tigressá®.

    • Benefits Of Pet-Friendly Flooring

      The benefit of having pet-proof flooring is that you don’t have to worry about your furry friend(s) having an accident that causes the flooring to fail. For instance, with the Luxury Vinyl Tile, it won’t get in-between the seams and cause warping or buckling like a traditional hardwood or laminate might. With the carpet, it won’t stain or soak thru the bottom backer of the carpet, therefore no smells! The main thing is that it’s easy to clean and easy to care for in busy family households. The LVT is also very scratch-resistant to claws and paws!
    • Types of Flooring You Should Avoid

      You should avoid wood-based products or carpeting that do not have the special H2O backing. If the flooring isn’t specifically designed with pets in mind, the “accidents” can soak thru the top layers which will cause smells and stains in carpet or warping or peeling in wood-based floors.
    • Helpful Resources

    Interested in our Pet-Friendly Flooring? Use the form on the right to contact us online, or stop by our showroom anytime to see our selection first-hand. Oh, and make sure to bring your pet(s), too! They’ll need to give on approval their future nap space!

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